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Character education – MAGIC

Character education – MAGIC

‘It’s a kind of MAGIC!’

Staff at Studio School & Sixth put a positive focus on teaching (and rewarding) learning behaviours to reduce the need to manage poor behaviour.

We have chosen the following MAGIC characteristics as they encourage students to attain the ability to remain motivated by long-term goals, to see a link between effort in the present and payoff in the longer-term, overcoming and persevering through, and learning from, setbacks when encountered.

  • Motivation – we encourage our students to strive and be ambitious in all areas of their school life, therefore fulfilling their potential and becoming positive role models for other students.
  • Aspiration – we encourage students to have a strong sense of self-belief in order to set themselves achievable goals that make them productive members of society.
  • Grit – we expect students to show resilience and determination, demonstrating independence and self-challenge in all areas of their lives.
  • Independence – we encourage students to self-regulate and show a sense of independence both in the classroom and within our school community.
  • Collaboration – we encourage the development of professional relationships between students, other schools and the wider community.


In addition to the characteristics above, we have also integrated the core principles of the Character Education Framework commissioned by the Department for Education. We are conscious of the fact that character is a complex concept with a number of overlapping facets. As a result, access to character development opportunities in school can lead to students reporting fewer absences and have lower levels of emotional distress.

Students are actively encouraged to collaborate across subjects and key stages, to work with both industry experts, as well as returning students, this approach keeps students motivated, inspired and maintains the school’s ethos of collaboration.

Developing the right learning behaviours is an ongoing focus for all teachers at the Studio School, this regularly involves teachers, reflecting on their own approach, trying a new approach, and reviewing impact of approaches over time. Our ethos of building responsive, rather than reactive, systems ensures a ‘win-win’ situation for everyone in our learning community.