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Level 3 | Music

Year 12– RSL Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma for Music Practitioners

Year 13 – RSL Level 3 Extended Diploma for Music Practitioners


The modern music industry requires musicians to be versatile, creative and have a broad skill set across disciplines. Increasingly, songwriters and performers are working out of small or home studios, requiring them to have a grasp of music technology as well as knowing how to write a good song or instrument part. Our Level 3 Diploma is for those who want to be equipped with all the tools needed to enter the modern industry. With a sound knowledge of performance, writing, and production, learners can progress into higher education or the industry, where they can choose to either specialise or continue working in a range of disciplines. This course is especially suited to those who are interested in a career as a composer, songwriter, recording and performing artist, producer, teacher, music therapist or music supervisor.

What will I learn?

Over the 2 years you will:

• Use Logic Pro to create and record your own music
• Study different lyric writing styles and write your own lyrics
• Develop your music theory including advanced harmony
• Rehearse as part of a band and perform live
• Plan and prepare for your future career, looking at various roles and how to set up your own freelance project
• Learn techniques to professionally record yourself and others
• Work on projects as a session musician
• Write with others as part of a songwriting team
• Write your own music in different styles of music
• Get a deep understanding of the advanced features of Logic Pro

How will I study?

You will be working on assignments that simulate actual music industry jobs and projects. This means lots of practical music making. Plans, evaluations, progress journals, essays, and notations in form of written work and/or presentations accompany all practical projects.

How will I be assessed?

All assignments are practical based coursework. There is a mixture of internal assessments marked by our staff and external assessments, which are marked by the exam board.


You will to contribute to our extra-curricular showcase events throughout the year, which include our Debut shows. As a music student at Studio Sixth, you have access to visiting professionals, including a professional vocal coach.


After studying our level 3 course, you will be fully equipped for higher education or to begin your professional career in the industry. Popular career progressions include:

  • Composer for Media, TV and Film
  • Producer
  • Songwriter
  • Teacher
  • Music supervisor
  • Session musician
  • Recording artist
  • Music journalist
  • Music therapist
  • Musicologist