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Personal Development

Personal Development

We are proud to provide a first-class personal development and enrichment curriculum to all of our students. We offer a wide range of provision and opportunities to ensure that students leave Studio School & Sixth supported and informed as young adults ready to enter the world of work. Our current provision includes the following programmes.

The Gap: Head Space programme

An organisation that works with students who may have challenges with their mental health and wellbeing. Each student will meet with a head space worker for 6-12 weeks on a range of challenges that young people may face, empowering them to improve their own mental health with strategies established during the sessions.

WPH Counselling Walsall

WPH is a charitable organisation funded primarily by Walsall NHS Clinical Commissioning Group. It is a free service to all students within the Walsall area. They are a general counselling service and educational service. They offer 1:1 counselling and family counselling with sessions lasting as long as required for the individual thereby providing a personalised service.


Studio School & Sixth has 3 distinct curriculum areas that work together – our academic and vocational curriculum, our pastoral curriculum, and our Behaviour Curriculum. The intention of this system is to ensure that there is no divide between the academic and pastoral learning of a student. Our ethos is to provide a well-rounded education to support students in transforming into professionals.

We work with a number of external providers including:

A multi-agency and multi-disciplinary service specialising in the assessment and treatment of moderate to severe mental health difficulties that children and young people experience.

School Support Advisor

This person is allocated to the school as a point of contact. They are the link to several external agencies who can provide free specialist support and programmes to our students. Their input is key to ensure that we access the right support at the right time.

Base25 Programme: Clued Up

This is a structured group work programme that can be delivered to single sex groups. The sessions are underpinned by the theory of needs and wants and the need for belonging. A typical programme could include:

  1. The need for belonging
  2. Grooming and exploitation
  3. Positive relationships
  4. Gangs and exploitation
  5. Protective behaviours
  6. Raising aspirations.

Base25 Programme: Clued Up

The programme is tailored to the needs of the group and size with the aim to:

  1. Work with the Royal Navy outreach team
  2. Overcome personal barriers
  3. Develop leadership skills
  4. Explore different methods of problem solving and apply the skills learnt
  5. Learn about self-discipline
  6. Any other topics requested by the school.

Mercian Trust Clinical Leads

The pastoral team and the Clinical Leads within the Mercian Trust including Music Therapy, Art Therapy and Occupational Therapy specialists all support students who have been identified as having a need. The Leads and pastoral team, work with families in order to support students and ensured that informed decisions are made.

Additionally, we have a robust PSHE programme that is bespoke to the Key Stage a student belongs to in order to ensure personalised delivery. Key Stage 5 have one to one tutorials with their tutors to ensure that the correct interventions are in place and all students are supported.